Nature Illusion Studio Pro 3.50 + Serial Number

Selamaat sianggg.. :d:
Kali ini dhizka akan share sebuah photo editor software yang sangat keren dan menarik... Yapp ini dia namanya Nature Illusion Studio Pro 3.50, sesuai dengan namanya, Nature Illusion Studio Pro 3.50 ini memiliki efek-efek ilusi seperti membuat air yang tadinya didalam sebuah foto diam saja menjadi menggenang.. Selain itu juga
ada efek cuaca seperti hujan dan salju, dan juga ada efek penambahan objek.. Dan outputnya bisa berformat .GIF, .EXE, .AVI, dll... Ayooo dicobaaa... manceeb.... :d:



Feature list

Water effects
  • Apply up to 6 different types of water effects in a single image.
  • Customize water effects settings such as amplitude, frequency, direction, etc.
  • Preset water effects such as waterfall, lake, river, etc.
Animated Objects
  • Add animated gifs.
  • Add png images.
  • Add text objects.
  • Customize objects movement, appearance, fade-in/out, etc.
Weather effects
  • Add snow effect to photos.
  • Add rain effect to photos.
  • Customize the particel counts, transparency, rain drops length, snow flakes size, and wind direction.
Sound effects
  • Add wav files into your creation.
  • Add sounds up to 8 channels.
  • Customize the sound to appear randomly, random at specific time, or loops continuously.
Build your creation as screensavers
  • Add background music (mp3, wma).
  • Show clock.
  • Adjust sound and music volume.
Build your creation as executables
  • Add background music (mp3, wma).
  • Adjust sound and music volume.
Build your creation as animated gifs
  • Customize FPS(frames per second), resolution, and length.
  • Dithering filter to minimize quality degradation.
Build your creation as videos (.avi)
  • Build avi using any codecs available in your system.
  • Customize the video resolution.
  • Customize the video length.
Preview the result of your project instantly
  • Auto preview provides instant feedback of your changes in real time, meaning you can see the result right away while you are drawing the water effects.
  • Full screen preview to view your creation in full time with sound effects.
  • Project files can be used in Ace Pro Screensaver Creator to build advanced full featured screensaver.
  • Add your living photos into Nature Illusion Screensaver easily.

System Requirement: Windows 2000-XP-Vista(32/64bit)-7(32/64bit)

Download :

Installer + Serial Number :
Download Nature Illusion Studio Pro 3.50 + Serial Number Via MF (5 MB)
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Serial Number Only :
Download Serial Number Nature Illusion Studio Pro 3.50 Via Ziddu (1 KB)

Tested by me (Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit) Workeddd
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